Link to meeting 10/7 2:30 pm

  1. Clarify consortium marketing goals/intentions
    1. What are our priorities?
      1. Short term
      2. Long term
    2. What do we need to know to focus our efforts?
      1. What are we branding?  Catalog and …
      2. What is our audience or target population?
      3. How do we reflect diversity, equality, inclusiveness?
      4. What motivates the people we are trying to attract to use our libraries’ resources?
    3. Other?
  1. Consortium Rename/Rebrand
    1. New ideas since last meeting:  
      1. FIND catalog (Chris Seaton)
      2. UPLIFT catalog (Chris Seaton)
      3. CONNECT catalog (Chris Seaton)
      4. Any other brainwaves since we last met
    2. “Discover” logo/tag ideas
      1. Voyageur; “Paddle Rivers of Knowledge and Adventure” (Kristine Lendved)
      2. Discover Your Library
      3. Discover @ Your Library
      4. “The world is at your fingertips. Discover it at your local library.”
      5. Other?
  1. Action items 
    1. Designate coordinator for next meeting
    2. Other?